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Dear Business Owner,

You're most likely here because you don't settle.

You know your business can scale, you know that you can grow even more as an impactful leader, and you want to continue creating an incredible company. 

You don't just want to buy yourself another job.

In fact the reason you went into business was to do the want to build something great.

After working with over 70,000 SMBs, we've found what the successful ones do..


And it typically doesn't involve the following: 

  • Working Longer Hours
  • Introducing Another New Technology
  • Focusing on more Products (when the others aren't working yet..)¬†
  • Relying on trendy Marketing¬†
  • And the list goes on.....

Now, none of these things are bad in and of themselves, but they don't tackle the core root of the issue.

If you've hit a wall or a ceiling....

Then you're not alone.

Many small business owners grow stagnant and stay in the survival zone, without moving into the thriving zone. 

Unfortunately, this is why most small businesses close their doors before seeing the fruits of their labor. 

The good news is, we can help. 

Instead of working in the business, we'll guide you through a simple to implement process so that you can work on growing your business the right way, to predictable profits. 

We'll take your business from chaos to order, take you from overworked to learning to delegate and influence, and we'll teach you what it will take to make your profits more predictable for scaling and growth. 

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We help business owners become influential business leaders with the following process: 

Forming the Giant

(Personal Development)

After working with 10s of thousands of SMBs, we identified that the common thread amongst all of the ones that grow & thrive is a well-formed leadership team, strong in virtue. The secret to a long-lasting business is your ability to grow along with it.

Slaying Dragons

(Scaling & Sales Leadership)

Once you have an proven product or service, we help you refine your sales process and sales leadership components to ensure your revenues are consistent, controllable and able to grow. This will ensure your business can grow from 2x - 20x in a matter of years and sometimes just a few months.

Building an Empire

(Preparing for an Exit or Succession)

We believe that every business leader is a steward of their business. This means that they should build it with no end in mind, as to prepare it for sizeable exit or pass it on to their future generations. We'll show you how to build your business the right way from day one, for generations to come.

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We've worked with over 70,000 SMBs in various industries from wedding photography, insurance agencies, and other brick and mortar businesses while building businesses ourselves. 

We're your growth partner, holding you accountable and teaching you timeless principles that you can take into any industry both on and off-line. 

We combine both micro-learning for efficient learning, and direct coaching to ensure you receive maximum impact for your business.

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Meet our Founder, Dave Durand:

Dave has built and scaled businesses across various industries to the 7, 8 and 9 figure mark with over $1 Billion in total sales. In the process, he's worked with over 70,000 small businesses and coached over 150,000 individuals including sales leaders, CEOs, and Fortune 500 executives. So we know exactly what your business needs to get to the next level. 

Dave founded Leading Giants to bring this exact framework to businesses leaders in various industries and stage of growth. Let's meet your business right where it is with strategies to scale your business where you need and want to go.
Dave Durand, CEO of Leading Giants

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Justin has negotiated deals with over 200 companies and multiplied his net worth to over nine figures.

He is the author of #1 Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling book, The Lifestyle Investor.

Lara Logan, Award-Winning Journalist

Lara Logan
is an acclaimed journalist and war correspondent known for her fearless reporting and in-depth coverage of global conflicts. 

With a career spanning over three decades, as a former CBS News Correspondent and host of 60 minutes, she has garnered numerous awards for her investigative journalism and dedication to uncovering the truth. 

Lara's unwavering commitment to telling powerful stories has made her a respected and influential figure in the media industry.

Matt Pinto, Founder, CEO, & Author

Matt Pinto, founder of Ascension Press, has dedicated his life to spreading the Gospel and supporting Catholic education through dynamic ministries and business ventures. 

He also co-founded Envoy Magazine,, and the Theology of the Body Institute, and is the managing partner of The Genesis Group, a Catholic private capital firm. 

A New York Times bestselling author, Matt has written numerous books and educational resources, earning recognition for his outstanding Catholic leadership.

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