$99.00 USD

General Admission Pre-Sale

The seminar will take place June 12, 2024.

The Leading Giants Seminar is a world-class training program designed to help you reach your full business potential.

You'll learn to break free of any limitation and scale beyond what you thought was possible and reach the life of your dreams in your business, relationships, and health.

General admission includes:

  • Live Viewing Experience - be a part of a virtual audience and get 3-hours of jam packed information on this 2-part Seminar.
  • Part 1: Learn to grow from within, hire the right staff, create an award-winning culture, the infrastructure to scale and more.
  • Part 2: Learn the revenue systems that led to over $1 billion worth of sales in my companies, how to structure your sales systems and lead a high-impact sales team.

Let's start your journey together, and go slay some dragons!

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